This site was created in 1998 as I campaigned for and won a seat on the Nashville School Board.  While I served, it functioned as both a place to publish what I advocated at the Board table, and as part of my collection mechanism for feedback.  The links at the left were created during that period.  Along with the section on Lesson Study, they reflect three of my continuing priorities:

February 19, 2004: While doing a little work on the site, I discovered these two pages that had been "orphaned" during one or the other of the re-workings this site has gone through.  Although I frankly don't remember when I wrote them, their style (blue background, white letters) suggests it was early in my term on the Nashville school board.  Reading them now, at least five years later, it is good to find that they still seem to express much of my vision for schools and for leadership:

Vision for Schools

Vision for the Board