The Lemming Conspiracy: How to Redirect Your Life from Stress to Balance  

by Bob B. McDonald, Don Hutcheson

This is not an "education book."  Rather,  it deals with career change and a system for facing turning points in life. It is the rough outline of a program available in Nashville which at least one Metro school (East Literature Magnet) has used. Without going into too much detail, it notes that the particular array of what it calls driving abilities, coupled with interests and passions, personality, personal family history, etc., interact with one another to create dynamics that are critical in career moves. As one example, some patterns lead to an individual who solves problems by comparing the current problem to past experiences. These individuals need a significant base of experience before their skills begin to show, but then they apparently often turn out to be VERY effective managers and leaders. Does this mean we should look for ways to give these folks "A's" in calculus regardless of their math achievements? No, but it does suggest the importance of recognizing the complexity of reality when we talk about individuals and the relationship of their performance at one task or one time to their overall capabilities.


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