The survey and brief comments are below.  For nine longer posts which teachers e-mailed to me (and my responses to three of them), click here: Lesson Study E-Mails.

Lesson Study Survey #1 Results(survey has 10 questions)
On the whole, the phrase that best describes my feeling about "lesson study" as a way for teachers to lead instructional improvement is:
(#1 of 10)
I'm very excited and look forward to working collaboratively with fellow teachers. (44)
While it sounds good and I'm going to give it a good effort, I doubt it will really work. (32)
I do not believe teachers can develop lessons or assignments that will result in better student achievement. (1)
Regardless of whether teachers can collaboratively develop better lessons, I resent being asked to do this and do not want to participate. (16)
Total Selections = 93

Please indicate the extent to which you think The Teaching Gap helped you and your fellow teachers to understand "lesson study" and to participate in the September 20 work at your school:
(#2 of 10)
A lot (31)
Some (31)
A little (18)
Almost none (17)
Total Selections = 97

Please check the statement that best describes the primary way lesson study teams are being formed at your school:
(#3 of 10)
We are using teams that already existed. (27)
Teachers are organizing themselves into teams. (40)
The principal or another administrator asked teachers to be part of particular teams. (8)
The Principal or another administrator assigned teachers to teams. (13)
Total Selections = 88

Which statement best describes your lesson study team?
(#4 of 10)
All my team members have been identified. (50)
Some members of my lesson study team have been identified, but we still need to add more. (20)
I am not yet part of a lesson study team. (22)
Total Selections = 92

Which statement best describes your team's thinking about lesson study topics?
(#5 of 10)
We have not yet discussed topics at all. (39)
We have already begun discussing topics, at least by putting some ideas out for consideration. (59)
We have chosen a topic. (38)
Total Selections = 136

If you have picked a topic, which of the following areas would it primarily address?
(#6 of 10)
Art or Music (6)
English (31)
Math (20)
Science (19)
Social Studies (19)
Foreign Language (2)
Vocational/Technical (9)
Physical Education or Health (7)
Total Selections = 113

Which of the following areas of student need do you expect your lesson study team will consider? (Please check all that apply.)
(#7 of 10)
Students with gifted learning styles (34)
Students with physical disabilities (10)
Students with learing disabilities (47)
Students for whom English is a second language (39)
Students with diverse learning styles (112)
Total Selections = 242

This question and the next cannot be connected to each other or to the previous questions. They'll just help us all get a feel for how widely this poll has gotten distributed. What's your tier?
(#8 of 10)
K-4 (44)
5-8 (63)
9-12 (29)
Total Selections = 136

In which cluster (magnet schools are grouped in their own cluster) are you (answers continued in next question):
(#9 of 10)
Antioch (45)
Hillsboro (7)
Hillwood (20)
Hunters Lane (6)
McGavock (30)
Magnet Schools (18)
Maplewood (7)
Overton (27)
Total Selections = 160

In which cluster are you?
(#10 of 10)
Pearl Cohn (2)
Stratford (25)
Whites Creek (2)
** (9)
GLENCLIFF (inadvertently omitted from original list) (mea culpa!) (10)
Total Selections = 48


Survey User Comments 1 - 10

Delete> I need my core curriculum planning? Why did you take that away???? 9/22/00 5:01:35 PM
Delete> Why do you keep adding more for us to do? Don't we have enough already? 9/22/00 5:00:30 PM
Delete> ch we do not have. This time is needed to be creative in how we present core to students. 9/22/00 4:54:32 PM
Delete> I resent having lost the core planning days. Core curriculum requires that we teach some skills whi 9/22/00 4:53:04 PM
Delete> Thanks for taking what little planning time we have away from us. 9/22/00 3:21:18 PM
Delete> Your first question needs a few more options. 9/22/00 3:17:37 PM
Delete> When will we have time to plan what we need to plan???? 9/22/00 3:11:32 PM
Delete> I have already been working with other teachers in my school before this book was presented. 9/22/00 3:10:22 PM
Delete> This conflicts with "core" - will there be adjustments? 9/22/00 2:01:55 PM
Delete> How much public school teaching experience do the authors of Lesson Study have? 9/22/00 11:12:00 AM


Survey User Comments 11 - 20

Delete> How much is "Lesson Study" costing taxpayers? costing taxpayers? 9/22/00 11:08:19 AM
Delete> No books 9/22/00 11:00:11 AM
Delete> We have no books 9/22/00 10:56:35 AM
Delete> This survey does not give adequate feed back for the process that we are involved. 9/22/00 10:16:48 AM
Delete> while this may be a good idea, it has not been well thought out- how to make it work here! 9/22/00 10:00:38 AM
Delete> What are specialty area teachers who teach by themselves going to do? 9/22/00 9:55:55 AM
Delete> some ?'s did not have all the needed answers and there was not a one best one on some questions 9/21/00 8:36:14 PM
Delete> I was assigned to a group not in my area and am gaining nothing from this experience. 9/21/00 5:19:36 PM
Delete> I believe that the speciality teachers should have been assigned to lesson study teams a little more 9/21/00 4:06:16 PM
Delete> question 6 was hard to choose an answer. I wanted to say special needs so I went with 9/21/00 3:57:27 PM


Survey User Comments 21 - 29

Delete> Survey is okay. Program is wasted time. 9/21/00 2:54:06 PM
Delete> Great ideas with instant results! 9/21/00 1:56:30 PM
Delete> To improve retention skills need to be reduce and what is learned needs to be more indepth. 9/21/00 1:52:47 PM
Delete> Good Idea!!! Thank You 9/21/00 10:27:01 AM
Delete> Glencliff cluster left out of options, I put mine in Antioch ;) 9/21/00 5:25:56 AM
Delete> overly simplified 9/20/00 8:07:52 PM
Delete> should have used Spell Check ... "rally" you should 9/20/00 2:50:30 PM
Delete> vague 9/20/00 2:47:41 PM
Delete> Thank you - very good 9/20/00 2:06:36 PM


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