The Lost Tomb  The Lost Tomb

11.50 Hours /8 Cassettes
Written By: Kent Weeks
Narrated By: Richard M. Davidson

This was not quite as fascinating as, for example, The Founding Fathers on Leadership  or It's Your Ship, but it was interesting and (dare I say it?) educational.  My younger son again enjoyed the parts he heard, and commented on how much he was learning from these tapes.  He has expressed an interest in being an archaeologist, and this gave him some idea of what it would be like.  My impressions were: slow, tedious, often physically arduous, generally unappreciated.  In other words, unless the quest for knowledge and "discovery", and an affinity for the time and culture you are exploring, motivate and reward you, archaeology might be a tough go.

However, Dr. Weeks certainly had more than his share of "luck."  KV5 is a very unique, large, and interesting tomb.  In houses the tombs of many of the sons of Rameses II and its 150+ chambers will make it an active "dig" for many years to come.